Hello Hurricanes!!!! This Week’s  “STORM TALK” features SSMS being a Golden Model School two years in a row!

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SSMS was recognized by the school board meeting this week as a Gold-Level PBIS Model School for the 2nd year in a row! This is the highest recognition we can receive through PBIS! To clarify the difference between each level:
Bronze-Level Schools report a comprehensive system of support at Tier 1. Critical elements of Tier 1 PBS:MTSS are implemented with fidelity, and data are utilized within a problem-solving framework in order to improve the outcomes of students. Bronze-Level schools have de…veloped innovative, creative, and functional ways of implementing Tier 1 PBS:MTSS that set them apart from other schools.
Silver-Level Schools report all of the characteristics of Bronze-Level schools and implement with higher levels of fidelity. Visibility, political support, parent involvement, and funding strategies are in place to ensure continued success with their MTSS implementation efforts for behavior. Silver-Level schools “drill down” into their data to ensure that their Tier 1 system is effective for all groups of students, and have taken steps to build systems of support for behavior at Tier 2.
Gold-Level Schools report all of the characteristics of Bronze- and Silver-Level schools, implement with the highest levels of fidelity, and have developed systems of support at Tiers 2 and 3. Gold-Level schools exceed their peers in both the quality and depth of implementation across all three tiers of support. Practices that are consistent with positive behavior support are evident in decision making, and steps are taken to ensure PBS:MTSS systems are supported. Positive outcomes for students are evident at Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 levels of behavior support.
Thanks to all the Hurricanes that work so hard to support our students every day!




CLICK HERE for the 11-10-17 PBS Updates

CLICK HERE for the 11-10-17 AIP Updates

Meeting 1 Aug 16



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  • Congratulations to everyone that was recognized during Monday Morning Leadership for the impact they are making at SSMS and in our Hurricanes’ lives! #STORMon
  • Students in Ms. Riessen’s art class have begun painting flags, which represent the top birth countries of students at SSMS! #globalconnections
  • Ms. Colter and Ms. Morris STORMed in their teacher-led station rotation classrooms by keeping their students engaged in their focused lessons!
  • Thanks to everyone that made Magnet Night such a success!
  • Mr. Ault’s class LEADs the interview from the Sanford Herald regarding their Global Entrepreneurship class and partnering with PNC Bank. They shared their perspective as to how this class and partnering with PNC Bank has enriched their learning experiences and is starting to prepare them for the real world! Thanks, Mr. Ault, for preparing your students for their future! #STORMon
  • Great chorus concert, Ms. Davis! The theme for the concert was: Listen to my Song! Our Hurricanes STORMed through their performances and everyone was so entertained! Thanks to Ms. Davis for all of your hard work preparing our Hurricanes and to all the families and Hurricanes that came out to support your students and continue to build relationships. Thanks also to Mr. Miles for coming out to video the concert! #chorusrocks
  • SSMS Band did such an amazing job at the Veteran’s Day Ceremony in collaboration with Casselberry Elementary! Nice job, Ms. Sirmeyer! #synergize


 CLICK HERE for Liability Postcard

HAVE A STORMing Weekend and STAY SAFE!!!!!

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