Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Hello Hurricanes!!!! This Week’s  “STORM TALK” features your leadership team!

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We hope you have a wonderful holiday, filled with health, happiness, many laughs, and plenty of time to spend with family and loved ones. Take time to Sharpen the Saw as you have all earned it! We wish you nothing but the best for the 2018 school year and hope that your Winter break will prepare you for the 2nd half of the school year! Let’s get ready to STORM in 2018, Hurricanes!




No PBS or AIP Updates

Meeting 1 Aug 16



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  • SSMS LEADers of Dance STORMed at their Winter Dance Showcase! Great job, Ms. Maingot!
  • SSMS Band STORMed and showcased their journey this year as well as demonstrating their various talents the Winter band concert. Thanks to everyone that came out to support our Hurricanes and all the faculty that participated in this wonderful concert! Thanks, Ms. Sirmeyer, for preparing your leaders of music for such a great concert!
  • Thanks, Ms. McEvoy, for preparing Alyssa C. for her Tropicana Speech Contest! Her speech, “The Forgotten Cancer”, was so heartfelt and passionate! Alyssa received Honorable Mention at the District Tropicana Speech contest! #continuetoSTORM
  • SSMS Global Entrepreneurship Classes gave their Shark Tank presentations to our guest faculty Sharks. Thanks, Mr. Ault, for preparing your students, Mr. Miles for video taping, and all our “Sharks” on the panel!
  • Thanks, Mr. Perri and Mr. Surdovel, for allowing your students to sharpen the saw at their annual holiday pancake breakfast with eachother and their families!
  • Fun was had by all who attended the annual pancake breakfast! We hope you enjoyed your yummy start to your day and thanks for coming!!!


 CLICK HERE for Liability Postcard

  • As a reminder, our new schedule will begin next semester (see below)
  • January 9-12: Math iReady Diagnostic Window (make-ups through Math classes)
  • January 15: No School
  • January 16-19: Reading iReady Diagnostic Window (make-ups through ELA classes)
  • January 18: Lake Howell High School Field Trip for 8th grade students
  • February 1: TLIM Symposium


HAVE A STORMing Week and stay safe!!!!!

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