A New Year = An Opportunity to Impact Students’ Lives

Hello Hurricanes!!!! This Week’s  “STORM TALK” features a new year, a new opportunity!

Happy New Year, Hurricanes! As you reflect on the previous year, how have you impacted your students’ lives? Were there those “aha” moments? What did you love and what would you like to tweak? The wonderful thing about a new year is that it brings many opportunities to do things differently and impact students’ lives even more. Continue to get to know your students and build those relationships. Sometimes having a fresh start can bring different perspectives. As Benjamin Franklin said, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Have a great rest of your school year, Hurricanes!




CLICK HERE for the 1-12-18 AIP Updates

CLICK HERE for the 1-12-18 PBS Updates

Meeting 1 Aug 16



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  • SSMS JROTC STORMed and celebrated their 2nd 9 week promotions for demonstrating excellent academic performance in and out of the classroom and meeting the required 2.0 GPA to be promoted to the next rank! Thanks, Chief Jackson! #STORM #celebratevictories
  • Ms. Batista’s 2nd period 8th grade Achieve 3000 class received recognition from Achieve 3000 and won the Read to Succeed contest, a schoolwide race toward accelerated literacy achievement! Continue to STORM, Ms. Batista!
  • Thanks, Ms. Sirmeyer, for having our talented Hurricanes surprise teachers with a birthday song performance! #kindness #birthdaysongs #STORM


 CLICK HERE for Liability Postcard

  • January 15: No School
  • January 16-19: Reading iReady Diagnostic Window (make-ups through ELA classes)
  • January 18: Lake Howell High School Field Trip for 8th grade students
  • January 22: Health Screenings
  • January 31: Health Screenings Re-Check
  • February 1: TLIM Symposium
  • February 1: Curriculum Night
  • February 5: Monday Morning Leadership/PNC School Bank presentation
  • February 6: NAEP for 8th grade students
  • FDLRS Teaching Students with Disabilities Online Module is available in this short video from DTL at http://www.fl-pda.org. The video link is http://vimeo.com/113935831.
HAVE A STORMing Week and stay safe!!!!!

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