Hurricane Shake Winners Get Ready to STORM at the Ron Clark Academy!

Hello Hurricanes!!!! This Week’s “STORM TALK” features our Hurricane Shake Winners!

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Congratulations to South Seminole Middle School’s Hurricane Shake winners: Kelis Aponte, Hannah Philby, Naomi Flowers, and Azan’i Austin! Our LEADers have traveled to Atlanta to participate in the nationally recognized Amazing Shake competition at the Ron Clark Academy with Dr. Coleman-Baker and Ms. Reid! In addition to being the Hurricane Shake winners, they took their skills and engaged in real-world practice prior to the competition with Casselberry City Commissioners. After receiving feedback and enhancing their skills, they are ready to STORM!




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Meeting 1 Aug 16



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  • Congratulations to all the Hurricanes that participated in the We the People State Championship! They won Unit 1 (team “BAM”) and were the best overall out of all the 7 middle school Unit 1 presentations! Our LEADers presented in-front of attorneys and law professors and answered all the follow up questions with professionalism and confidence! Thanks to all of our Civics teachers that helped prepart them!  #STORMon
  • Congratulations Ms. Batista and Ms. Strickland on being recognized as the teachers of the month! #keepSTORMing
  • Thanks, Ms. Riessen, for allowing your students to deepen their understanding of art as they learned about various pieces of art from David Matteson, Associate Curator of Education & Outreach from the Orlando Museum of Art! #artisawesome
  • Congratulations, Ms. Ciocca, on your new position as SCPS Student Assignment & Program Access Coordinator #STORMon #alwaysahurricane
  • Hurricane Scientists STORMED at the Seminole County Regional Science Fair. Guillermo Diaz and James Wheatley received a 2nd place finish for the Environmental Engineering category at the Seminole County Science, Math, and Engineering Fair!. In addition, they received the Broadcom Masters Competition Award! Select middle school students were nominated and 30 finalists will be invited to Washington, DC. James and Guillermo were two of these students! Thanks, Mr. Anderson, for your amazing job with these students!  #continuetoLEAD #MrAndersonRocks 
  • Ms. Sirmeyer’s band students that were part of the “House of Mozart” competed for points by doing various challenges, pass offs, performing academically, helping others, and demonstrating STORM behaviors! Those students that met the challenge had the opportunity to Sharpen the Saw at the PBS Suite! #STORM


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  • February 13: Valentine’s Day Dance 4:30-6:30
  • February 19: President’s Day-No School
  • Week of February 20: Curriculum Planning Week
  • February 21: Learner Centered Learning Environments 3:00-5:00
  • February 26: Bring your Parents to School Day
  • February 26: Innovator and Problem Solver Showcase for Science and Social Studies
  • February 28: Writing Boost Camp 3-6 PM
  • March 1: NJHS Ceremony 6:30 PM
  • FDLRS Teaching Students with Disabilities Online Module is available in this short video from DTL at The video link is
HAVE A STORMing Week and stay safe!!!!!

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