Girls’ in Government STORM Tallahassee!

Hello Hurricanes!!!! This Week’s “STORM TALK” features Girls’ in Government!

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Our 7th graders in the Girls’ in Government program visited Tallahassee on Wednesday. We toured the Historic Capitol Building, conducted a Mock Vote in the “old House of Representatives” about the Equal Rights Amendment, listened to Governor Scott speak at the fallen fire fighters memorial, observed the current representatives debate legislation in the House of Representatives, met Chief Justice Labarga, and conduced a Mock Oral Argument in the FL Supreme Court Building. This was a GREAT learning experience! #CivicsinAction #GirlsinGovernment #3Branches #stategovernment




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Meeting 1 Aug 16



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  • Congratulations to Marcy Colter, Lynette Gonzalez, and Gabrielle Tandlich for being recognized as the highest impact teachers at SSMS from 2017 FSA data! Commissioner Stewart states that a recent analysis of student performance on statewide standardized assessments found that these teachers had an impact on student learning growth that is among the most positive in the entire state. #STORMON
  • Thanks to all our Hurricanes that wrote a positive referral for 3rd Quarter and recognized STORMing behavior! There were 235 positive referrals written and these students received Planet Smoothie and a cookie! Thanks to Planet Smoothie and our PTSA for supporting SSMS! Please also view the link below for the video! Thanks, Mr. Motley, for facilitating the positive referral celebration! #STORM


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  • March 12: Monday Morning Leadership in the Media Center
  • March 15: PNC Employee Education @ 4:15 (Optional)
  • March 15: Read to Lead Competition
  • March 16: Teacher Work Day
  • March 29: Rescheduled Student Led Conference Night and PNC Parent Night
  • May 2: Learner Centered Learning Environments: 3-5 PM
  • May 9: ESE Night
  • May 11: Awards Ceremonies and 8th Grade Dance
  • May 16: Field Day with a Twist
  • FDLRS Teaching Students with Disabilities Online Module is available in this short video from DTL at The video link is

HAVE A STORMing Week and stay safe!!!!!

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