SSMS Celebrates our Disney Dreamer and Doer Finalists!

Hello Hurricanes!!!! This Week’s “STORM TALK” features our Disney and Doer Finalists!

Congratulations to SSMS’s Disney Dreamer and Doer finalists: Nicole V., Fayza J., and Angie S. Our winner for this year was Angie! This award recognizes students who inspire others in a variety of ways – improving your school, community involvement, inspiring others, and demonstrating kindness. #STORM




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No  AIP update this week.

Meeting 1 Aug 16



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  • Thanks to SSMS’s PTSA for recognizing our school related employee of the year, Ms. Cordero, and teacher of the year, Mr. Dejesus! Congratulations, to SSMS’s teacher of the year, Mr. DeJesus, who was recognized at the Teacher of the Year Celebration on Thursday and to all the Hurricanes that came out to support him! #STORM 
  • Thanks, Ms. Fitzpatrick, for LEADing our Hurricanes during the Read to Lead Competition! They competed against the 11 other middle schools and earned 3rd Place! We are so proud of our Hurricanes…Way to represent SSMS! #STORM
  • Congratulations to all our Hurricanes that graduated from The Casselberry Student Police Academy! Our students learned about the various components and opportunities that are available in the police field. Thanks, Officer Fosselius, for LEADing our Hurricanes! #STORM


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  • March 29: Rescheduled Student Led Conference Night and PNC Parent Night
  • April 10: Mary Beth Tinker Assembly: 7th Grade Students Only
  • April 12: PNC Employee Education 4:00 PM (Optional)
  • April 26: PNC Parent Night 6-8 PM
  • May 2: Learner Centered Learning Environments: 3-5 PM
  • May 9: ESE Night
  • May 11: Awards Ceremonies and 8th Grade Dance
  • May 16: Field Day with a Twist
  • FDLRS Teaching Students with Disabilities Online Module is available in this short video from DTL at The video link is

HAVE A STORMing Spring Break and stay safe!!!!!

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