SSMS Teachers STORM!

Hello Hurricanes!!!! This Week’s “STORM TALK” features our teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week!

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Thanks to all of our SSMS teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week for all that you do to impact our students’ lives every day!




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  • Thanks, Chief Jackson, for LEADing our JROTC Hurricanes! This is the 3rd Year SSMS JROTC competed in the Seminole County Middle School Drill Competition held at Oviedo High School. The Hurricane Battalion competed in Unit Inspection, Armed Regulation Marching, UnArmed Regulation Marching, Army Exhibition Marching, Color Guard, Push-Up and Sit-Up’s Competition, and the 1 Mile Relay. This year, the focus for the Hurricane Battalion was to retain the Seminole County Middle School Championship and make history as the ONLY Program to win 2 County Drill Championships Back-To-Back. Our STORMing JROTC Hurricane Battalion received 6 out of 8 First Place finishes to retain the “2018 Seminole County Middle School JROTC Drill Champion!” #STORM #hooah
  • Thanks, Ms. Puentes Wolfgang, for showing our students the value of giving back! Students in Ms. Puentes Wolfgang’s classes visit the Pet Alliance as part of their Pay It Forward project! Afterward, they Sharpened the Saw and had a BBQ! #greatleadersserve
  • Thanks, Ms. Cabanillas Del Real, for providing our Hurricanes with real-life experiences! Ms. Cabanillas Del Real STORMed with her students that are in her Spanish class as they got to practice real-world experiences and put what they have learned in class into action. Students greeted others, ordered food and drinks, let their waiter know the food temperature they wanted, ordered dessert, requested the check, and paid for their food all in their targeted language. #STORM #bringSpanishtolife
  • Congratulations, Ms. Reid and Ms. Gonzalez, on graduating from the UF Instructional Coaching Institute! #STORMon
  • Thanks to our 8th grade Science team for making Chemistry “Tie-dye fun”!
  • Thanks, Ms. Riessen, for reaching out to the community for your class and students!
  • Thanks, Ms. Sirmeyer, for a great band season, and thanks for always surprising those that have just had a birthday with a special birthday song (pictured is Dr. Coleman-Baker’s surprise)! Such a fun night at the SSMS Spring Band Concert! Also, THANKS to everyone that came out to support our SSMS band!!!
  • Thanks to the Civics team and all of our guests that came to judge the We the People Competition! It was wonderful!!!  #civicsrocks
  • Great job, Hurricanes, at our Battle of the Books Competition! Thanks to everyone that helped prepare them to STORM!
  • Happy Mother’s Day to our Hurricanes!

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