SSMS STORMs during the 2nd Annual Community Outreach and Field Day with a Twist!

Hello Hurricanes!!!! This Week’s “STORM TALK” features Hurricanes STORMing during Field Day with a Twist!

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SSMS 2018 Community Outreach and Field Day Splash Dash was a blast! Thanks to everyone who helped out to make this day such a success! Our Hurricanes engaged in 15 community outreach service projects, “Minute to Win It” events in the gym, outdoor obstacle courses, and the culminating Bubble Run and Splash Dash. This wouldn’t have been such a great day without all of our community partners, volunteers, and staff! This is why we do what we do! #greatleadersserve #workhardplayhard

If you would like to watch the short video clip, please visit:




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  • Congratulations, Ms. Colter, Ms. Gonzalez, and Ms. Tandlich on being recognized as High Impact Teachers by the SCPS school board! #STORM
  • Girls in Government visited the Casselberry City Hall. Students participated in a Q&A with female government leaders where they were able to learn what different job opportunities are available at the local level. They also learned what some experiences were that led to their current positions. In addition, they learned that you need science, math, and literacy skills in order to complete certain government positions. Thanks to all the teachers that supported our LEADers through this experience! #STORM
  • Thanks to Mr. DeJesus, Ms. Sirmeyer, and Ms. Hernandez for Sharpening the Saw with SSMS Band and SGA at Islands of Adventure!  #STORM
  • Our Hurricanes Sharpened the Saw at the 8th Grade Glow-in-the-Dark Dance! Thanks, Mr. DeJesus, for coordinating this special night for our Hurricanes. Thanks to all the faculty and volunteers that also helped out or chaperoned! #STORMon
  • Congratulations to all of our Hurricanes that were recognized at the 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Awards Ceremonies today! A special thanks to Ms. Stalker and Ms. Strickland for coordinating the event! #continuetoSTORM

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