SSMS Teachers Prepare to STORM this Summer!

Hello Hurricanes!!!! This Week’s “STORM TALK” features our teachers!

“A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart. Without teachers, learning is barren, life is not filled with questions, and learning becomes monotonous. Teachers are those rock stars and game-changers, who are the motivating factors behind our success. They encourage us to reach for the skies, fearlessly and passionately. We admire these role models for all the knowledge they share, and love them for their ability to touch our hearts. They love what they do, and they strive to change the world, one child at a time. Teachers care for us as much as our own parents do, and it is because of them that a school becomes our home away from home. They believe in us when we lack in confidence and are unsure of our own capabilities. They inspire us to deal with whatever challenge comes our way, and for that we are indebted to them for life.” THANK YOU for such a great year! Now that you have impacted so many lives this year, it’s time to Sharpen the Saw and enjoy YOUR summer! Take time for yourself and…DON’T FORGET TO STORM! We’ll see you in August!




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  • CONGRATULATIONS, Mr. Ault and Ms. Gonzalez, on your retirement!!!! You will be missed!!!
  • CONGRATULATIONS to Jarrett and Candice Anderson on the arrival of their beautiful  son, Riley Jarrett Anderson!
  • Thanks, Mr. Grace and Mr. DeJesus, for STORMing with our Hurricanes at the Special Olympics! Twenty of our Hurricanes STORMed as volunteers at the Special Olympics while working at the track and field events! This was such a win-win and humbling experience, which definitely added to their 7 Habits Personal Bank Account! #7habits #greatleadersserve #STORM
  • Thanks, Ms. Maingot, for such an AMAZING end of the year Dance Showcase! Your students STORMed through your LEADership! #expressionthroughdance
  • Thanks to Ms. Riessen and her AMAZING SSMS Yearbook students  for creating a wonderful yearbook this year and for having such a fun yearbook distribution party! #STORM
  • Students in Mr. Kornya’s and Mr. Wiles’ 7th Grade Advanced math classes collaborated to design and construct the tallest free standing structure using only 20 balloons and 1 meter of masking tape as part of their 9 weeks exam, which involved an engineering project.

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