WEEK 1:  Strategy 1-Main Idea and Supporting Details: This concept is such a hard skill to teach.  Here is an activity to make it more concrete with the kids.  They make a Main Idea Table with the main idea on the table top and the supporting ideas on the legs supporting the table.

Main Idea Table

WEEK 2:  Strategy 2-Inferencing:  Inference Bags are a great way to build background knowledge or review information.
WEEK 3:  Strategy 3Main Idea and Supporting Detail Flip Chart
WEEK 4: Strategy 4 –  Poetry and Speech Inferences
WEEK 5:  Strategy 5 – Reciprocal Teaching Main Idea
Week 6:  Strategy 5 – More on Inferences
Week 7:  Strategy 7:  Gist Strategy
Week 8:  Strategy 8:  Sum It Up Strategy
Week 9:  Strategy 9
Week 10: Close Reading of Informational Text
Close Reading of Informational Text
Teachers continue to utilize the 10 Instructional strategies that are listed above to sharpen our student’s skills on Main Idea and Inferencing. 
If you need assistance with a strategy email Ms. Shanoff.

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