Week of May 22, 2017

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Staff Café Menu

May 22nd – May 26th

Monday: Burger Bar with fries

Tuesday: Manager’s Choice

Wellness Wednesday: Manager’s Choice

Thursday: Manager’s Choice

Friday: Manager’s Choice

*Menu items are subject to change

upcoming events

May 24th: Half Day

May 25th: 7th Half Day

May 26th: Half Day

Adam Kiefer May 22nd

Linion Grace May 31st

Steve Kornya May 31st

Ricardo Miro June 1st

Lizette Gonzalez June 5th

Crystal McEvoy June 7th

Linda Pettry June 11th

Marylin Leenen June 12th

Minell Ellerbe June 15th

Marcy Colter June 18th

Leyla Puentes Wolfgang June 25th

Lance Ault June 26th

Jazmyne Mitchell June 27th

Gabrielle Tandlich July 1st

Kim Stalker July 4th

Eric DeJesus July 12th

Trish Elkharchafi July 14th

Raquel Rivera July 19th

Rajalalshmi Seshadri July 22nd

Chris Cudney July 25th

Josh Fogel July 27th

Dawn Trenholm August 9th

PBS Reminders

1) Please make sure that students have a pass whenever they leave the classroom
2) Please observe the 10-10 freeze
3) Please make sure your classroom doors are locked at all times


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