Week of September 25, 2017


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September 25th – September 29th

Monday: Grilled or Crispy Chicken Sandwich Side Salad or Fries

Tuesday: Stuffed Baked Potato Assorted Toppings Side Salad

Wellness Wednesday: Chicken Parmesan Spaghetti Caesar Salad

Thursday: Chicken Nuggets Mashed Potatoes Roll

Friday: Asian Cuisine Lo Mein Noodles Green Beans

*Menu items are subject to change

upcoming events

September 25: 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Assemblies 

September 25 – 29:  Curriculum Planning Days 

Shannon Perez September 25th

PBS Reminders

1) Please make sure that students have a pass whenever they leave the classroom
2) Please observe the 10-10 freeze
3) Please make sure your classroom doors are locked at all times

If you would like to make an announcement on Lead21 or if you would like to make an announcement to students on SSMS News – email Rafael Fernandez.


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